How do I subscribe / order SchoolBooking ?

Andy Larking

Last Update 2 years ago

If you are a UK school or organisation you can go to your license page (Administration - License), select 'Options', choose the license you need and then confirm with a Purchase Order ref (if you have one). When you confirm your license change our customer services team will send you an electronic invoice. As a UK school you will receive standard 30 day terms.

If you are a international school or organisation you need to visit the license page, you will be prompted confirm you address and country and your license options will be provided in your local currency. To confirm your subscription you will need to pay by Credit card (our payment gateway provider is Stripe). Once your license has been updated our customer services team will provide your invoice within 24hrs.

Should you need an official quote for your finance department please contact our customer services team [email protected] Tel : 03333 446433 (0044 1424 406433)

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