New 2023 Parent Login

What's in the new interface

Andy Larking

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- New login URL

- Improved user experience

- Invitations and Schedule layout

- Teacher booking slot availability

- Create meeting notes
- Web App version
- Max bookings setting

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New Login URL

To access the new Parent login go to . Parent login credentials are the same as the old version (email address & password). 

For existing customers, please ask our customer services team to switch you to the new portal.  Then all future email invitations from your school will contain the new login URL.

Improved user experience

A new look for the parent login provides intuitive interface which will make it easier to make new bookings.

Invitations & Schedule layout

All the teachers available to book appointments with are now listed in 'Invites'.

When a parent books an appointment with a teacher it will move into 'Your Schedule'

If you have split the event over a few days they will be able to choose the day session they need.   

Teacher booking slot availability

Each teacher invitation now displays the available time slots. If no time slots are available the teacher will be shown as Fully Booked

Create meeting notes

When parents have booked an appointment they can now send the teacher a message concerning a talking points for the meeting. The teacher can view these comments/notes in their login area.

Web App version

Installing the web app version will make it easier to find the Parent meeting login on the day of the meetings. Follow instructions to setup devices here

Max Bookings setting

When you add the event information during the creation process you will now see a new option to set the Max Bookings (per student per parent).  This will restrict the number of appointments a parent can make for each student.  This setting can be useful when you have a large event and a limited amount of appointment time slots.  Note : This setting does not apply to the admin or teacher login

Parents will be advised of the event restriction and will not be able to book more than the max booking setting.

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