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As part of the parent communications, the Booking Confirmation email includes an option for parents that have bookings to mark themselves as ‘not attending’. As the event manager you can decide to remove the ‘not attending’ parent bookings manually or automatically.

The Booking Confirmation email is normally sent to parents a couple of days before the event and includes the itinerary of the appointments, a link to the event page and an option to say they are not attending.

Parent experience

If the parent is not attending the event, and they click the link contained in the email they will be directed to a webpage to confirm non attendance.

Review Parents ‘Not Attending’

You can find the parents that have indicated they are not attending in the sent confirmations page, the event overview page and within the parent activity report

Email – Sent Confirmations page

Event Overview page – Use the filter and unbook as required

Parent Itinerary report

Removing parent bookings if not attending

You can choose to manually remove bookings from the event overview page (as above), or you can set the system to automatically unbook.

If you choose to automatically unbook parent bookings you won't be able to review and report on parents who have marked themselves as not attending (as the parent bookings and history are removed from the event completely)

To turn on the auto unbook setting, go to Site Settings from the events dashboard

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