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This guide is for sites looking to import parent data manually (not from If you are using, please see this guide.

You will need to export the data from your MIS and if required adjust in Excel to exactly match the format below. The file will then need to be saved in a csv file format. For each student you will need a separate row for each parent/subject/class that they are allocated to. The ID columns are important to link the data together and are usually MIS generated and do not change (highlighted in yellow). Typically, for each student you will probably have multiple rows for each subject/class with columns A to N setup identically.

In this example,

Student Ella-Marie Baker has a single parent contact (Julia Baker), and has 5 Classes.

Student Alex West has two parent contacts (Simon West & Jennifer West), and has 2 Classes

Column Headers must match the example file (See sample CSV file download).

ColumnColumn HeaderDescriptionNotes
AIDStudent IDUsually MIS generated. Must be unique for each Student
BForenameStudent Forename
CSurnameStudent Surname
DIDParent IDUsually MIS generated. Must be unique for each Parent
E(Contact) PriorityMIS Parent contact priority
FParental responsibilityUsed to identify whether the parental contact is considered a parentValue either T = True, F = False
GLives with PupilUsed to identify parents who do not live at same address as their child (but may have parental responsibility)Value either T = True, F = False
HTitleParent Title
IForenameParent Forename
JSurnameParent Surname
K(Contact) Home EmailParent email addressCan be blank if Column M is used
LMain TelephoneParent main telephone numberRequired if column N is empty
MPrimary EmailParent email addressCan be used if Column K is blank
NMobile numberParent mobile numberCan be blank. Essential if planning ‘Phone’ meetings
OIDClass IDUsually MIS generated. Must be unique for each class
P(Class) Class NameClass Name / subject reference
QIDTeacher IDUsually MIS generated. Must be unique for each teacher
RTitleTeacher Title
SPreferred ForenameTeacher Forename
TPreferred SurnameTeacher Surname
USubject IDSubject IDUsually MIS generated. Must be unique for each teacher
VSubjectSubject desciption

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